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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Innovation Redefined - Mission Potable Water

Someone said that if there would be a III World war, it would be fought for water or oil. We see that changing pattern of rainfall and climate is creating tensions all over the world. Though we have two-third landscape of earth in form of oceans, but then also more than half of world’s population does not have access to potable water. We being the second most populated nation in the world are one of the greatest victims of impure drinking water.
Millions of Children die as they do not have access to potable water. Most of them belong to families which can’t afford installing expensive domestic water purifiers.  As we all know, none of us trust drinking water supplied by Municipal corporations, who cares for the people belonging to lower community? Yet there are people who will sacrifice their comfort for sake of the poor people. They will innovate and bring out-of-the-box ideas for common people. Suprio Das has invented a very cheap, easy to use water purification system which works on principle of accurate mixing of Chlorine into municipal water.

Chlorine has been hailed by various international organizations including WHO and developed countries as a proper way to purify impure water. The Zimba Chlorine Doser requires no use of electricity as it is unreliable in most parts of the country. It has no moving parts and uses a system of transparent tubes to proportionately mix right amount of Chlorine into impure water. This reduces the chances of it getting damaged or unavailable at times and requires no behavioural change.  The most unique point of this device Is that it doesn’t have to be installed at each household, rather it believes in community participation. It will be disinfecting water at the water collection point, so every household will eventually get the pure drinking water.

The innovations of this kind, which can transform the societies, will be most welcomed by the common people, rather than manufacturing costly life saving drugs which are out of reach of the common people, just for sake of protection of Intellectual property and promoting Innovation. Not every innovation is accessible to every section of the society.  This will send a positive message to the agents of change, who can sacrifice everything for the common people and will bring about change.

To know more please visit the following link:

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gentlemen ..... Ring the Bell..... Stop Domestic Violence

When we see the role of women in society, she is one who is carrying this world to the next generation and still she is neglected the most. But why do we see patriarchy paradigm still playing dominating role. Do we really need to classify humans into different sex and then thinking objectively in a negative manner. Large proportion of men of this nation failed to provide security to the women of this country, which they deserved. When we go into rural areas, men have developed a culture of violence against women. They are in usual habits of beating women, the women too do not protest because their friends in different families suffer with the same problem. They are in habit of accepting this as a custom which is prevailing all over the country.

I think it's the right time we take the initiative to bring some change and turn these long prevailing customs and turn it around. It is difficult for every women to start protesting against such a heinous crime they are suffering from long time. Some gentlemen out of men have to come out and will need to bring suffering women into confidence. If gentlemen takes such a huge initiative of stopping domestic violence against women, then all wise men will follow and this will turn into a movement striving for change.

We as a society, state or a nation are failure if we are unable to protect women of this country or ensure safety to them from domestic violence. This will help them to bring out their talent out of their closed box.

We men are not to hinder the growth of women but to make them progress.

# RespectForWomen
# RingTheBell
# BellBajao

This blogpost is for campaign against the domestic violence against women. RingTheBell is a initiative by IndiChange.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tale of two tooth's : a lesson to be learnt

There lived two teeth. Tooth A resided in the well maintained denture of Mr. Protectionist. While the other tooth friend B resided in stained, stinking denture of Mr. Procastanist.

Whenever tooth A sent a signal of aching or blood spilling on the food, Mr. Protectionist catching the warning signal of the distressed tooth, immediately visited a doctor and applied some medicine or took necessary precaution.

Many a times, Due to this attitude Mr. Protectionist, became a piece of mockery and was subjected to humiliation, most of the times at the hands of Mr. Procastanist. He always bragged about his care free, or should we say careless attitude.

Mr Procastanist, never paid heed to the distress signals sent by tooth B. One after other tooth b sent signals to Mr. Procastanist. Earlier minor tooth aches, then gum bleeding, then persistent tooth aches, then tooth loosening and many such warning signals but he never visited a dentist or applied any medication on the tooth. Even when Mr. protectionist suggested him something, he laughed at Mr. protectionist.

This resulted in gradual decay of tooth b. His health gradually deteriorated and resulted in the untimely demise of the dear friend of Tooth A. While tooth B lived happily ever after in his great denture of Mr. Protectionist.

So, the care free attitude of Mr Procastanist resulted in the death of tooth B. He was declared a murderer by the remaining 31 members of his family and the teeth community and Mr. Protectionist was declared a savior by the same community.

So, we must always pay heed to the warning signals sent by our body. our body is the greatest gift the almighty had bestowed upon us. so it is our duty to take care of it and give proper response to the signals sent by the body as a warning sign of imbalance or ill treatment met to it.

One should must go through My Healthy Speak Blog for more information.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Changing Scenario of modern health-care

Today, people are facing new kinds of problems in newly emerging world full of technology. Diseases too are evolving themselves in fighting with already available solutions, so our healthcare should also evolve so that diseases could be cured easily.
The lifestyle of middle class and upper middle class who constitute good amount of population of this country  is changing continuously, they are upgrading in terms of technology, education, medical-cure, etc.

Though we are worried about lower class and poor people for providing medical facilities, we can provide them some alternative, may be any kind of cost-effective solutions of cutting edge technologies. But the 8-10 crore people who spend huge amount of money for health-care must be taken care of, not at the cost of lower strata but on their own will. These people are basic forces behind the innovation industry who in any form fund the research institutions. Due to this cost-effective solutions to many diseases, India is emerging as a medical tourism hub.

India is privileged to have medical institutions like Apollo, who have worked tremendously in this field and are providing cutting edge technology to the common people. (

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Building the Republic: Redefining India

Today, we are celebrating the 64th Republic Day, it is indeed a great privilege to be a part of a republic at a time when most of the countries of Asia are still struggling under monarchy or dictatorship. It is indeed a great honour to be part of such a country which has diversity in language, religion, culture, etc. We are part of the biggest democracy and youngest country of the world. Even the world realises the potential of Gandhian philosophy, which served as base for various movements in India and outside. But then what went wrong in last six decades? In these 63 years of republic, we have some-how missed the principles of our forefathers. Though we have moved far away from 1950 level in various sectors viz. education, health-indicators, industrialization, etc. But common people i.e. poor labourers, farmers, daily-wage earners, etc are still living the same life as their ancestors lived 60 years ago; there is a marginal change in the lifestyle of poor class. Our Human Development Index ranking in 1980 stood at 134 and it remain unchanged even in 2011. It is difficult to suppress these voices of common people which will emerge in form of naxalism, crimes, demand for separate states, demand for reservation to different sections, etc.
We have shown improvement in literacy levels but the quality of education deteriorated, where almost 50% students of class V can’t read the book of class II. Our health indicators viz. maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate are still far behind the UN millennium development goals. The average life of Indian people has reached in 60s, but there many old-age people who are suffering due to nuclear families, they don’t have a place to live. A clear policy on old-age people is missing in govt. legislations. Our political leadership is crawling and is unable to implement common welfare programmes in efficient manner. There is huge rise in rate of crimes seen against women in these 63 years, we have taken a form of a patriarchal society and which is very dangerous for any society. There is a sense of sensitivity which is missing from the society. The men-women divide is emerging very rapidly; we need to take immediate steps to bridge this divide. It is better if we inculcate sensitivity towards women community and deal with all the cases with utmost care and high priority.
We are not able to change with time, we are framing policies which were required a decade before. How can a same policy work at all parts of the country when there is a difference in culture, religion, geographical locations, and requirements of each region? I think we need to move towards a system of customized policies for each region and decentralisation of power and giving more autonomy to panchayati raj institutions and local municipal bodies. Our policies should bring a transformation in life style of common people at the grass-roots level. Until we bring that change, our policies are failure. Inclusive society should be our ultimate dream. Continuous reforms will bring change.
It’s time the three basic institutions of this country metamorphose. It is good if we take these steps sooner than later. The latter will only add to the agony of the common people and we will go on seeing these people’s movement in the near future. In the present context, kiran bedi’s quote reminds of India’s potential – “If India has million problems it also has a billion solutions! We just have to make them visible and upscale their ideas!”

Friday, August 31, 2012

Marry It - Don't Miscarry It

Marriage is one of the most pleasing events in one’s life, one has so many dreams about their marriage, their partners, their in-laws, etc. A famous quote says “Marriages are made in heaven”; of course they are, otherwise many wouldn’t have sacrificed their lives. There are many, whose parents have not accepted them after marriage and living alone and some fighting to be alive.

Arranged marriages are the most accepted form, even in higher societies. Love marriages started from western society has now reached in every nook and corner of the world. Societies are changing with great pace and so are facing new questions. We need to address these questions by arguments from both sides. Youth says how we can marry a person whom we don’t know; we don’t know about his/her likes and dislikes, character, attitude, etc. On the other hand, elders argue that today you love this girl/boy, tomorrow you might love someone better, with better qualities, better attitude, then you would go on changing, destroying his/her future and most importantly destroying family structure.
Not all love marriages have happy endings. Sometimes even love marriages fall prey to misunderstandings. In love marriages, there is freedom of expressing ideas, kind of independency in most of the matters. There is pressure on the women to conform to conventional male ideas to look beautiful and sexy. These attitudes have led to women suffering pain and refusal. This pursuit for perfection is increasing day by day as society progresses into future.
We see more protection, security to women in arranged marriages. Parents employ some kind of maturity and prudent judgment while choosing spouses for their children. Most of the time, there is a mediator who helps both sides in this process. Women independency is restricted to some extent and there is no pressure on women to look like a model.

But this does not mean that arranged marriages are most pure of the form, that the couple lives happy ever after. Women have suffered on the terms of dowry, family abuse, and social prejudices still prevalent, just for the sake of family pride and dignity in society. Parents view cannot be sidelined by just saying generation gap. In case of conflicts in family on deciding over marriage, there has to be some kind of mutual agreement on both sides, which has to be reached. Otherwise our societies would go on seeing new practices such as khap panchayats.
I would say that love marriages with parent’s consent and arranged marriages with couples consent is best principle to follow in contemporary world.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anna Movement: Changing Roles of Media

Media has always been at the upfront of this Jan-Lokpal movement from April last year and became a part of this movement in Aug, 2011. It may be because of TRP or media activism that media left its role from being sceptic about the movement and started narrating the movement rather than just reporting. My question is that what was wrong for media being a part of movement in national interest? Is it a conflict of interest in being a journalist and Indian citizen? I strongly feel that what is right is right whether you view as a journalist or a citizen. What Team Anna has to keep in mind while this movement is in its youth days is that you cannot criticize a group of section for not supporting the movement. It is their rightful duty to report the movement, but if they fail to do so, may be due to their own unwillingness or govt. pressure, it is sad part of story. You cannot convert this story into actions against media mogul.

Low turnout at Jantar-Mantar may worry Team Anna, this year. If our movement is morally right, then we don’t have to depend on someone else be it media, low turnouts, blackouts, etc. At some point of time, I feel that let the common people suffer because they are so agnostic about change that they don’t even come out to participate in movement or ideologically support it. Team Anna is not fighting for themselves, why the citizens of this country don’t understand this? Their thought narrows down this movement of considering Team Anna’s movement. The Indian people, mostly the educated class is kind of oblivious of society. The reality show happening in the entire country is teaching us the big lesson. India is on the crises of change, all that matters is citizen, media and civil society’s support.

Each movement leaves its footprint on the sands of time, and I believe this time it will not remain merely the footprints, they will rise and go beyond that, creating a paradigm shift. Recent announcement at Jantar-Mantar visualizes team Anna’s sagacity to look forward, as they aim to establish a people’s party, a political alternative. What we can do is wait and watch the show as Team Anna enters into the next stage of democratic procedure.